The Selenium Workshop

Resources to succeed with Selenium and WebDriver for Web and Mobile application testing.

Selenium Tutorial for Beginners

This is Frank Cohen’s tutorial for Selenium 1 and WebDriver (aka Selenium 2). Click these buttons to download the slide deck presentation and the example files referenced in the presentation. Frank Cohen and others are available to make this presentation in person. Click here to contact us for details.

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  • Selenium Language Basics
  • How To Use Selenium in Rich Internet Application (RIA, using Ajax) Environments
  • How To Data Enable Selenium Tests Using TestMaker
  • Using Selenium Locators
  • Patterns and Anti-patterns for Selenium use
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • Testing in Flash/Flex Environments Using AMF Protocols
  • Integrating TestMaker Tests Into Your Continuous Integration Environment
  • How To Analyze Test Results Into Actionable Knowledge

Selenium Presentations by Frank Cohen

Selenium Video Presentations by Frank Cohen