The US Federal government released details on the Russian hacking of our election. I read the document agree with its contents. You might not know that I am the product manager that launched the Norton Antivirus for Symantec 20 years ago. The document tells me the Russians used server and software vulnerabilities that have existed for a decades – known as SQL injection attacks, email phishing attacks, and root kit attacks. The document gives a basic list of prevention measures we should all be taking. The Russian attacks aren’t sophisticated just persistent. And that’s enough to win an election.

At a minimum, I recommend you:

1) Change your all email passwords at least twice a year.

2) When you get an email asking for you to click something, right click on the link, click copy, and paste the link into a text document, then check to make sure the domain matches the domain you think you’re clicking. For example, if you get an email from Citibank, make sure you are clicking on a link for Something from could be a fake domain that looks like but is intended to steal your password.

3) Don’t install apps on your laptop or phone that you can’t verify are from a reliable company. If you can’t reach someone for support then treat it as unreliable.

4) When choosing a password include a special character: ! & @ #.