Popular news site BoingBoing.net is offering courses on Web/HTML, mobile, and languages like Python and Ruby. If you want to move your salary up and learn how to be a DevOps tester, I highly recommend you take your time to learn Angular (a Web page toolkit) and Python (a very easy and powerful programming language.) BoingBoing has taken the price of the Angular and Python courses down to $0.

Here is how the Learn to Code 2016 Bundle works: you pay anything you want to get two courses that introduce you to Git and AWS. If you beat the average price (currently $19.36), you’ll get 9 courses with over 92 hours of instruction.

The bundle of courses covers all of the major programming languages that top tier employers are looking for: including HTML5, Ruby, and Python. You can use these courses for specialities needed as a coder, and this bundle allows you to explore them and decide what you like best.

If you need help on Angular, Python, Git, and AWS, I’m glad to help you.